In the 1980s a Taiwanese chemist, fondly called ‘DHT’, developed a straightening product in the confines of his home that created a sensation in the market. He then called this product Makarizo Rebonding System and so the Makarizo brand was born. MAKARIZO originally Greek means to be considered blessed.

With a 25-year heritage, deeply rooted in the expertise of hair professionals, Makarizo re-introduces, Makarizo Advisor. The rebirth of this brand is now leveraging on the expertise of its salon heritage bringing back the strength of salon expert developed formulations targeted at uncompromising young consumers. The brand is dedicated to assisting busy, young and modern individuals who aspire to not only make outstanding impressions in society, but also establish their identity in their professional career as a part of their new phase of life. These individuals know where they want to go and are non-compromising when it comes to getting what is best. The Makarizo Advisor brand caters to these individuals and offers the advice and formulations expertly developed by professional hairdressers. From its efficacious hair treatment formulas, use-specific packaging, and innovative product formats, the brand offers a sophisticated range of hair repair and recovery solutions.